I dont Know…

octubre 15, 2008

How expect?
How Believe?
How Fly?

With no Hope
With no Faith
With pain what flow of broken wings.

How remember the future?
When dont have anyone life….

How Wait for U?
Only with cold tears
Full of love.

And Me…

Full of love to U
With blood in my achin bones and
Your heart full of Stones…

In the Darkness of the night
I ll wait for you
For U…
Even under the Moonlight.

I ll wait
For your love full of lust
For your kisses and ur voice
Your embrace into the storm.

At the wet streets…
On the Tempest with the loud thunders
For a moment or for an Eternal Love.


Dont ask to me


Because I Dont Know … (how).

Dedicated to my Crow from ur Vampirella

En Movimiento

octubre 15, 2008

Sólo hay una fuerza motriz: el deseo.