septiembre 28, 2011

Se llama versículo al verso de extensión desmedida, sin número fijo de sílabas ni rima. Se trata, pues, de un verso que no asume ninguna tradición rítmica ni métrica, por lo cual se utilizó en la estética literaria denominada Surrealismo.

septiembre 28, 2011


Diane Keaton and Woody Allen were famously coupled up in the early ’70s, and the classic Annie Hall is considered a largely autobiographical take on their relationship and its disintegration. They continued working together till 1979 even though they were no longer lovers, took a break as collaborators in the 1980s and early 1990s, and then finally teamed up again onscreen in 1993 for Manhattan Murder Mystery.

If there’s anything worse than a nasty breakup, it’s having to go to work after a nasty breakup … then seeing your ex right there in the office: Here, a gallery of Exes Who Still Worked Together

septiembre 28, 2011


The English girl with a doll on the ruins of his house, destroyed by German bombing. 1940