abril 3, 2013


Happy 120th Birthday, Leslie

“Leslie had a first-class brain and, in spite of his inclination to roam, he had a great concentrative ability. Before he began to direct a scene, we would usually discuss its shape; he would outline his plan, using me as a sounding-board and getting my technical reaction. Or sometimes, I would get in first with my ideas. But whichever way we worked, there never seemed to be any disagreement. Then he would either go from his dressing room, where our discussions often took place, or he would break away from our huddle in a corner of the studio, and take charge on the floor. Finally, he would go over his own lines, if it was a scene in which he appeared, and by a tremendous power of concentration, would speak the lines without fault. When we came to photograph a scene, the lines came from him with such apparent naturalness and effortlessness, with such clarity, sincerity and mastery of meaning, that it was a revelation. He was a really great artist.”
Adrian Brunel



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