mayo 29, 2013

mayo 29, 2013

mayo 23, 2013

mayo 8, 2013

Not as we

septiembre 19, 2012

Not as we

junio 10, 2012

Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground.

One of my fav songs by far.

abril 17, 2012

The first time ever I saw your face by Stereophonics

marzo 30, 2012

Everybody wants to rule the World

Patti Smith version

Original: Tears for Fears

febrero 11, 2012

To Be with You

by Mr. Big

febrero 9, 2012


Trainspotting OST

Keeping a brave face in circumstances is impossible
Cannot describe
So many
It’s impossible
To know which is
The proper order – the best position, to be in
Take advantage or so it seems, the way it goes

It’s tragic laid down on your side
Too easy
You know that you know
You’re soaking wet, you talk too much, it’s not
Before the ice melts
I just want to say
This packet’s yours
Don’t ask for more,
Cos somewhere
Along the line
I’ve forgotten

Sandman comes
Two to one
In the dark
Dark reflections
In my bed
In my head
Sandman goes
Two in tow
Wet and dumb
Three’s the number
Coming down
Coming round